CAMPERSPOL company descends from connection of two other smaller
corporations: the Polish furniture trade one, existing from 1990
and the Dutch automotive trade one existing from 1985. The founders
of the company are Andrzej Cielejewski and Ryszard Siekierski.

Common professional experience was expanded by training s in
Holland. The founders' determination and passion lead to independent
production of first camper.

In 2005 Camperspol company released their first product
(Mercedes Sprinter built-in) in International Motor Show in Poznań Motor
Show (MTP Motor Show) gaining recognition in profession. MTP Gold Medal
for camping built-in of the car (Medal Poznań Motor Show) was the company's
success. In this scope the Camperspol company proved that they could
fulfil both Polish and the Europen Union Area's customers.

At present the Camperspol company specialises in making of campers
on delivery van or truck chassis. We also offer performance of
individual furnishing and equipment of campers. The company provides
servicing of produced products as well as repairing and maintenance of
Camperspol Andrzej Cielejewski ul. Fabianowska 58A 62-064 Plewiska k/Poznania (near Poznan), Poland
Tel./Fax +48 61 899 86 53 Mob. +48 502 280 010