We offer

- making of built -in on any car type chassis
- configuration of inside of the built-in in accordance of the camper's purpose
- making individual built -in
- providing instalment (electric, central heating, sewage system, gas) of camper
- servicing and maintenance of campers as well as caravans
- after accident repairs of campers
- consultancy in scope of project

Camperspol Company creates comfort conditions for the client in scope of individual
attitude to each one order, and any limitations arising from the chassis size.
Comfort inside of the built -in fulfils any needs of the client and provides a lot
of satisfaction while making use of. The built -in of polyester is durable and if
devoid of mechanical damage will be made use of for long time.
Camping Building on example of demonstration mode of Mercedes Sprinter built-in

Technical data:

I. Side roof and back walls 40mm thick are made of the following materials:
1. Outside:
- the polyester layer 2mm
- isolating layer 30 mm

2. Inside:
- waterproof plywood 5 mm
- vinyl facing 3 mm

II. The floor 50 mm thick made of the following materials:
1. Outside:
- the polyester layer 1 mm
- waterproof plywood 4 mm
- thermal isolation 30 mm
- waterproof layer 15 mm
2. Inside:
- high strength flooring

III. Side and roof windows
- Each window is provided with sun roller-blinds and mosquito net
- The windows are made by "Zeits" cooperation which specialises only
in production of camping windows meeting regulation of the European Union.

IV. Front door
- made up of the front inside and outside door also provided with mosquito net.

V. Entrance to the camping depending on the chassis height - mechanical stairs used.

VI. The building is provided with lighting meeting Polish regulation of Traffic. It
is provided with parking assistant, which may be integrated with display unit placed
on a control panel, which enhances safety during parking or reversing manoeuvre. Back
part of the building is provided with aluminium ladder which enables safe going up to
the roof of the building in order to place additional luggage on roof reeling. The
built-in is supplied with storage part, in which scooters, bicycles and necessary
tourist equipment may be transported.

Inside built -in is supplied with 6 sleeper places.
1. The furniture is made of special light waterproof plywood covered with
natural veneer, 2. Household articles, sanitary and electric/lighting equipment are made by
companies specialising in sales of specialist camping accessories.
3. Closed sewer system (cold/hot water) is the building's standard.
4. Bathroom is supplied with chemical toilet , sink and separate shower cubicle.
5. Gas heating with safety valve by "Truma".
6. Additionally the building is supplied with a satellite dish, a generator,
air condition, solar battery, GPS.
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